Italian Room, Seattle Art Museum | Photo by B.MUZEUsually my heart skips a beat and my breath is suspended
Whenever I behold the view from my window.
The changing seasons only augment the wonder
And I am inspired to awe at such perfection.

Who says it is not possible – the paragon of refinement?
The evidence is there for anyone blessed with eyes to see.

Yet the other night in a dream I fell in love with a blind person
Whose humanity eroded my resistance.
While it was just a fantasy I woke with my heart still quivering
And my mind began to question.

What is this power that transcends affection and moves beyond doubt?
Our languages are ill-equipped to offer fair definition.

However today as I look again upon the landscape,
I feel my heart beat and my lungs expand.
My mind is quiet from thoughts of needing to be elsewhere
And I am taking full pleasure in just being here now.