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On my soap box!

The world is so skeptical nowadays. It seems that we are all afraid of taking too strong a stance, being ambitious, promoting faith or even making commitments for fear of being branded crazy, radical, obsessive or – God forbid – “extremist”.

It is understandable to some extent given the horrors that such extreme attitudes have resulted in in our history.

But what of all the amazing things that people have accomplished by similar fervor applied productively?

It is ironic that we are still in awe of the Pyramids, Great Wall, Inca temples, etc. when so many of these were obviously constructed on the foundation of a lot of sacrifice.

But sacrifice is a difficult subject. It obviously depends on what is at stake. Let’s see…we have the environment, social depression, identity-conflict, poverty, inequality, sustainability, crime, etc..

Maybe those things don’t really exist? And even if they do, why bother? Someone else should deal with it. What difference can one person make?

And so, we rather preoccupy ourselves with drugs, alcohol, superficial past times, and material distractions. That sure makes a lot of sense. >_<

Having been schooled for so many years on the merits of moderation, non-commitment and false objectivity, I think it is time that our generation reclaim our right to have an opinion. We each have the power and responsibility to strive for a greater and better world. We should not be afraid of being passionate about that.