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Planting-Seeds-100I’d like to record my thoughts here after teaching for reference and to assist my ongoing effort to become a better teacher.

Today I missed a side for one of the poses. I didn’t even realize it until much later as I was walking to work after class. I guess that’s the time that I usually run through the sequence in my head. Truthfully, it’s not the first time this has happened….last time I felt quite terribly about it. But this time, I’d like to focus instead on what I might do differently. Would it have helped had I planned the sequence ahead?

Speaking of which, where did today’s sequence come from anyways? I went to class this morning and moved through each motion quite deliberately. I was working by intuition. It is how I work best…channeling the energy of the day through the body and sharing that process with my students. But is it effective?

I know there are definite benefits to planning…but often the best laid plains do not turn out because it does not necessary fit the mood/energy.

Here I am suddenly reminded of jazz – one of my favourite genres of music. Improvisation can only start when the musicians are truly in the moment. Of course, such ability also comes from much practice and tried and true methods to ensure good technical skills and the essential foundations are set. But spontaneity and discovery are difficult to plan. For that, one must be very open…

On the other hand, nothing happens in isolation. The drummer can’t veer off without the support of his bandmates, for instance. To work as a unit, everyone must be aware of subtle cues and signals delivered by others. So, great attention is also important.

Coming back to today’s lesson,  I realize that I really need to work on being more present and responsive rather than worried about what to do next. Rather than simply existing in my own practice, I should also be attentive to overall cohesion of the class (band) as a unit. That way, I can be more aware of what is actually happening, including the fact that one side might need to be balanced with the other.

As for as how appropriate planning might assist in this process, I suppose that such preparation might take place more in the form of physical/mental/emotional practice rather than as an actual drawn-out map that the academic in me would usually associate the word “plan” with. I will use this blog as part of that process.

Until next time. Namaste.