I have a confession: I get jealous of other women sometimes, especially those who are more beautiful, sexier, braver, smarter, more innocent, etc. Gal Godot’s Wonder Woman is all that and more and a prime candidate to be the object of my envy. However, as I sat riveted for 2 hours watching her expressive, painfully gorgeous face and graceful movements, I could not help but be blown away and any inclination towards negativity (self-doubt, insecurity) just crumbled away to irrelevance. Instead, I found myself totally in love.

Finally, young girls (and even grown women) everywhere have a decent role model to look up to. Wonder Woman is the ultimate expression of a woman – curious, brave, strong, beautiful, sexy and compassionate. Patty Jenkins did a wonderful job of balancing all those elements. It was unlike any other female superhero I had ever seen before – Cat Woman, Nikita, Elektra; somehow those ladies did not seem to be as relatable. In considering how and why that might be, it occurred to me that perhaps having a female director really does make a difference since she is able to show, from a woman’s perspective, how those elements ought to be presented. A key moment might be when Diana Prince (Wonder Woman’s alias) realizes that mankind is not as pure and good as she had imagined. How many of us have been there – that moment when girls, who have been brought up to believe in fairy tales and romance, are left disillusioned and broken-hearted? And yet, we cannot help but hope and cheer when like a phoenix, Wonder Woman rises to fight again and again – not afraid to believe anyway. Yay Wonder Woman!!!

Men might also be inspired by Steve Trevor, Batman and Superman to consider what it might be like to relate as “equals” to a woman. I really marvelled at the scene where Diana sauntered into a room full of men and upon being heckled and ushered out, was like, ‘why the hell can’t I be there?’ Moments like that made me see the possibilities for Wonder Woman beyond the superhero franchise. For the first time, I am really looking forward to not just the sequel but a whole series for a movie (forget Star Wars!). I want to see more of the world of Wonder Woman because she is the first superhero to inspire much more than the defeat of evil supervillans, but the transformation of the heart of humanity itself – both men and women. Bravo!!!

In summary, I highly recommend everyone to see Wonder Woman, which just came out this weekend. And if you’ve already seen it – why should that stop you? Let’s go see it again!!!